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Top 3 Ways to Convert Old Cassette Tape/Vinyl/VHS to Digital File

by MotorFlagKing 08 Aug 2022

In the past, we had too many tapes, vinyls, and videotapes. These carry all our fond memories.

However, preserving these things becomes harder and harder over time. Sometimes these things get damaged, and sometimes it's hard to find a place to keep them because there are so many.

Today, everything is in electronic format. The latest music we listen to, the latest movie we watch, the home video we record, and more.

But what about those things that preserve our fond memories? How to better save them?

Here are the best 3 ways to convert these tapes, film, and video tapes into an easier-to-save electronic format.

tape conversion

This machine is a very simple product that only needs to put our ready-made tapes once, that is, we can convert our original cumbersome and difficult-to-save tapes into electronic format for permanent storage. The price is also very close to the people, you can buy it on Amazon and so on.

cassette to digital convertor

The simple steps are as follows:
1. Install the software provided by the converter
2. Connect the computer and the tape converter with a cable
3. Play and computer record

This simple step can save the good memories of our tapes.

vinyl conversion

vinyl to digital

The vinyl converter adds a new function to the original vinyl record player. It can not only be used as a traditional record player to enjoy the original vinyl music, but also can convert these vinyl records into electronic formats that are easier to save.

The vinyl converter is not affected by the price, so the cheap one can convert vinyl into high-quality electronic music (so please buy the cheap one)

The operation steps are also very simple:
1. Install the software provided by the converter
2. Connect the computer and the vinyl converter through the cable
3. Play and computer record

VHS conversion

It is also a very simple product, you only need to install the software, plug in this simple device, and you can convert VHS tapes into electronic formats.

The operation steps are the same as the tape/vinyl converter, which is to install the software and record.

The above three methods are all conversions for the three commonly used in the past. The technology is very mature, the cost of hardware is also very low, and the operation is very simple, which is very suitable for home use.

Although there are many services that provide conversion on the Internet, for reasons of privacy and other reasons, I do not recommend everyone to use it. Just imagine that some videos of your family are watched by others at will (although he is a staff member of the conversion service), but there is a An unacceptable feeling. Therefore, it is best to handle the conversion yourself, and with some sexual investment in the equipment, you can use it unlimited times, and the cost is much lower than the price of the conversion service.

Finally, we provide music in electronic formats of various styles and eras, so that you can save the time of conversion and enjoy directly. check our usb flash tracks music for more info.

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