How to Fixing "Sun visor fell out" for Jeep JK JL

How to Fixing "Sun visor fell out" for Jeep JK JL

——"Went to move down sun visor and the “hinge” just fell right out and nearly smacked me in the face as I has driving. What in the world...

6k miles and I have used the visor only a hand full of times. If I punch it back in there it kind of sits in place but then just falls right back out..."


——"My wife was driving the Jeep the other day and the sun visor broke while she was driving. 

I know this image is not great, but I had enough light to see the issue and did not want to move the Jeep outside for a picture."


Lots JK JLU driver came across this problem, but every time it fell out again after they fix them back.

Is there any way we could Fixing this problem forever?

-Yes, of course.

we have design a clip , which will fix the hinge and stop it felling out.

check this smart and cheap solution:


use this small but strong iron clip to FIX the fell out problem.

Smart, easy install and low cost.

-Keep your driving safe.