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The top 8 ways to make your motorcycle fuel more efficient 2022

by MotorFlagKing 28 Jul 2022

Nowadays, every rider always keeps one eye on the fuel mileage while riding a motorcycle. Due to the ever-increasing fuel prices now, you have to loosen your purse strings for the fuel.

 make motorcycle fuel more efficient

However, some basics can make your motorcycle more fuel efficient. Despite the high price of fuel, sometimes there is a problem with your motorcycle that consumes more than USSLA fuel.


The majority of motorcycles are fuel efficient. However, with time, its consumption increases. The fuel efficiency may vary by engine size, the bike's overall condition, how you ride it and its total weight.

So it doesn't matter whether the fuel mileage is above or below the average km/l.You can increase your bike's fuel efficiency with proper tips and ways. In fact, changing your riding habits or regular servicing can help you improve your bike's fuel efficiency.


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So keep reading to learn some vital tips on improving your fuel mileage.


The following is a list of ways to keep your motorcycle fuel efficient.

  • Look out for your riding habits.
  • Maintenance of your bike
  • Avoiding Heavy Acceleration
  • Get the right fuel
  • Keep on tracking your mileage.
  • Inflated Bike Tires
  • Ride at a steady speed.

Look at your riding habits:

90% of the excess fuel consumed is due to inadequate riding habits. Now, more or less, any rational person will not accept this reality. If you are not adhering to it, your riding habits must be altered.


A simple rule for good riding habits is to avoid quick braking and hasty acceleration. Always ride according to the given speed limit and try to keep your speed within the mileage.

Maintenance of your bike:

Maintaining your motorcycle isn't only preferable for better fuel consumption and a safe and reliable ride.


Every bike rider understands that as long as the bike works, we don't care about its maintenance. Always remember that a poorly maintained bike results from poor fuel consumption and output. Mroorveer lubrication breakdown, caused by uncleansed dirt, results in mechanical resistance. In fact, it can cause the failure of the engine.


Continuous motorcycle servicing requires high maintenance. Moreover, it will keep you on track with your motorcycle as well. More importantly, your bike's fuel consumption will never be below average.

Avoid heavy acceleration.

We consume half of our fuel tank on acceleration and continuously use the throttle for no reason. If you do that, then it is a nasty habit. Even while riding, keep on looking at your RPM. The RPM will never go beyond 4-5 in lower gears. So, permanently lose your grip on the throttle and never misuse it.

Get the Right Fuel:

Sometimes there are several types of fuel. Some fuels are low quality, and some are high-quality fuels. So it is essential to know the octane percentage and fuel mixture. Furthermore, high octane doesn't mean more power and will increase fuel efficiency. It means there will be no detonation when a bike reaches high pressure and temperature.


So high octane is good as well as minimum octane. In fact, a minimum octane is recommended when it comes to fuel consumption.

Keep on tracking your mileage.

Sometimes, without knowing our motorcycle's exact fuel mileage, we keep complaining that the bike is not fuel efficient. Tracking your fuel mileage will give you concrete evidence about your fuel economy. By doing this method over and over again, you will gain the average mileage of your motorcycle.


Whenever you fill-up the tank, track the record yourself. If your bike has a trip meter, you can track the miles per fill-up through it. Do this whenever you fill-up the tank. In this, you will know your motorcycle's mileage and overall fuel consumption condition.

Keep inflating your bike tires.

Proper air pressure in the motorcycle tyres keeps the bike's overall condition good. The overall weight rests on the tyres of the bike. Once the pressure is acceptable, the bike will run smoothly; hence, your motorcycle will be fuel efficient.  

Ride at a steady speed:

There is always a specific limit on every motorcycle speedometer, which the company recommends you ride within. The best way to make your motorcycle more efficient is to keep it within the speed limit. Occasionally, you are not in an emergency in a drag race. So, when the case is otherwise, always maintain your bike speed.

Get a lighter bike:

If you ride a Harley Davidson, don't complain that your bike is consuming a lot of fuel. Get a lighter bike for your daily commute. Once you get a more lightweight bike, it will consume less fuel than your other bike.

Final Viewpoints

Knowing all the tips for making your motorcycle fuel efficient is a good alternative. If you apply it to yourself and your bike, your fuel consumption will never be below average.


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